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With the initials H.D., Hilda Doolittle would have been quite popular if she were alive today. Be that as it may, her pen name isn’t the only reason this exquisite woman should be well-known. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on the tenth of September in 1886, Hilda Doolittle was a creative mind raised by her astronomy professor father and artist mother. Despite the fact her father and grandfather both belonged to the more logical, left-brained parts of life, she chose the life of a writer. The poetry of Hilda Doolittle, which was influenced by her personal background and belonged to Modernism along with Imaginism, has contributed to the American literary heritage. However, Doolittle wouldn’t be anything without her loved ones to support her.…show more content…
Her mother was a spontaneous artist who taught music and painting. Along with her, Doolittle’s numerous artistic peers also drew her into writing. In fact, she was in the circles of many other poets such as William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, and her first love, Erza Pound. In addition, novelists also made up her social groups. D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and William Faulkner are just a few. Along with her general background, many of Doolittle’s experiences had quite the impact on her writing. In 1911, she ventured to Europe, planning to stay there for just one summer. However, Doolittle remained there for the continuation of her life. Be that as it may, while that may offer one the mindset that Doolittle’s life was one of wondrous spontaneity, she was not one without some dread in her life. In fact, Doolittle was abandoned by three of the most important men in her life: Erza Pound, Richard Aldington, and Lawrence. Interestingly enough, Doolittle was friends with and went through psychoanalysis under the infamous Sigmund Freud. All things considered, Doolittle had quite the life, and she had quite a lot to write about. However, Doolittle chose to do so in a meaningful way, choosing each word with the utmost of

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