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  • Analysis Of My Writing

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    reading, and writing until everything was revealed abruptly but instantaneously. I started to notice the differences in my technique when compared to others. I was substandard when compared and ashamed of my writing. I doubted my capabilities, and in a way I was right to because other students where good at writing and I was inferior to them. I took two AP English courses in high school and both of my teachers suggested that I take more time to practice my speaking, reading, and writing. They both

  • Shitty First Draft Analysis

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    In the article “Shitty First Drafts “from Bird by Bird, the author Anne Lamott talks about the idea of why writing a drafts is important for all writer. When a writer trying to write an essay, they don’t just sit down and write they will write a drafts first, they start with no idea, even writer they don’t get their idea right the way, so it’s nice to put something down first, your first drafts will always be the worst drafts, but nobody will see it ,you can find something that you write down and

  • Dan Meltzer Rhetorical Analysis

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    into explicit detail of why the rhetoric situation is needed in writing. He starts by expressing the need to have a purpose as to why you are writing and also an audience to whom you are writing to. Establishing a persona which expresses the attitude of the writer, and the text which defines the genre. Lastly, it’s also having a context which includes influential factors on the writer. It is important for students to understand that writing is situated because it constructs and valorizes new disciplinary

  • Personal Narrative: Myself As A Writer

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    I’ve always thought writing was pretty fun. It is something to do that takes you completely away from your body into to a state of mental non-awareness, where only the content of your mind exists. It can be frustrating, for sure, but can also be very rewarding. Although I like to think I am a reasonably good writer, there are things I do have a tough time with. I think over all, my writing lacks maturity. This is exemplified by my poor organizational skills and bad conclusions. But, with work, I

  • Personal Narrative: Self As A Writer

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    WW4 – Self as Writer Throughout my entire academic career, I have noticed that there are a few areas in my writing that I succeed well in. Most of the time I am able to craft an attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion that also inform. I think this is because when I was in high school we were instructed heavily to create an opening and closing to a paper that could summarize the rest of the paper if they were to be the only thing we wrote. I try to assure that my thoughts flow well or that

  • Why I Write Terry Tempest Williams Analysis

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    vivid images, that the speaker wants to tell the world how it is acceptable to be brave, explore who you are, and be your unique self. William’s wants to challenge readers to look inside themselves and see what their own purpose is – why they are writing. With a red scarf wrapped around the narrator’s neck a feeling of bravery captures her. Her reasons for

  • Personal Narrative: My Father's Cabin

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    Being a writer in a very real and very harsh world can be difficult at times. There are too many people that cloud your thoughts with sadness, anger, and hopelessness. And living the the hectic city of New York doesn't help much. People are on a strict deadline and believe that where they need to be and what they're doing is more important than having even the slightest form of common courtesy such as even saying “thanks”. Back in the day when life was simple and all you had to worry about was going

  • Personal Narrative: My Improvements For My Writing

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    Improvements for My Writing All the English classes I taken have made me a better writer. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Those improvements will be how to brainstorm better topics, how to limit the fillers I use that create wordiness such as for, and, but, as, and other small words that I do not need. In addition, to leave the words such as “thing and it”, as well as sentence fragments. As I become better and improve these writing problems, I will be able to have less errors

  • Essay My Perfect Writing Place

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    My perfect writing workplace, My first inclination, when I was assigned to write about my perfect writing workplace, was to pick a verandah at a beach house overlooking the ocean maybe in the Caribbean. I absolutely love the sound and smell of the ocean. But upon further refection I decided that would not be my perfect place. At least, it would not be my perfect writing place, for a vacation it would be fantastic. So, after much thought I decided that I would love to have a writing retreat in

  • Scholarly Writing In Undergraduate Education

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    Scholarly writing in undergraduate education is important to maintain because it benefits undergraduates obtaining a position within their career. Scholarly writing provides information about a topic using original thoughts for all academic fields (Walden University 2015 p.1). Programs that encourage scholarly writing to improve undergraduates skills such as the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research (JPUR) that generated a study of all students and faculty stakeholder groups through online surveys