Mark Doty: Poem Analysis

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Reasons to write When I was in elementary school, literature was always my favorite field of study, I used to get good grade in writing all the time. Writing is fun, sometimes puts me in emotional feeling, or even bring me back to the time, to something I really interested about. The other kids said they don't like essay, it gives them headache, too much of idea to look up for. Wondered why some people love to write so much? Could it be a puzzle for them, is it just to kill time or they just do it when they're stress out? In the stop and shop in Orlean, Massachussetts, where they sell fresh fish, an American poet was struck by the beauty of mackerels the fish. Mark Doty wrote a poem using his skillful of imagination and metaphors. Mark begins by jotting phrases on envelope on his way back home. He compares things between life of a fish and its beauty to the other things using his very creative ideas that put readers in the spot which they can think of the images that Mark crafted in his poem. The process of his writing starts with his memory, his exploration. Mark discloses images he has seen by asking oneself questions with a lot of thinking and meditation. He stated that "A poem is always a made version of experience".…show more content…
People would like their essay to be at least close to perfect and be attracted by the readers. writing requires effort, that includes analysis, explore and develop ideas. It takes so many steps to form one good paragraph, starting from constructing a thesis, giving it a fresh key concept, pack up the best idea in one sentence then stretch it all out. That illustration helps me understand the method of writing as Mark Doty says in his essay, "Souls on Ice," the process of unfolding his poem is not tidy that there are false starts, wrong turnings then he ends up leaving ideas behind when it doesn't seem to lead

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