Central Park Creative Writing

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An unsettling evening wind started to blow its way through the Central Park. The sun began to set, sending a cascade of colors streaming through the evening sky. The day had started with the normal chaos that a normal Friday had encompassed. John was having difficulty finishing the last piece of business for that day, his mind kept day dreaming towards his lovely wife and wonderful children. As he set in his chair completely exhausted in his tattered office listening to the clock that was ticking in the background, and it approached the wishful hour of five o’clock. As he signed the last document he wondered if everyone else was a tired as he was, or if he was just imaging how tired he truly was. Finally, he laid down his favorite pen, as…show more content…
As he began to walk through the park he noticed how the leaves had begun to turn lovely colors, reminding him of the colors that was in his grandmother’s quilt that he loved to snuggle in growing up as a child, when he came to visit their house. While he continued walking he noticed the lovely smells of the wild flowers that encompassed both sides of the path, and how their colors blended into the romantic colors of the leaves as if they were painted in a Norman Rockwell painting. Suddenly a disdainful honking sound was coming across the evening…show more content…
Both of the boots had a hole that had worn in the bottom of the heartless soles of the shoes. The holes showed that they had been warned through hell and back. The laces were tattered and torn from the thousands of times that they had been tied. His son wore the exact type of boots when he served in the Marines. The camouflage pair of pants that he was wearing had turned gray from excessive wear and tear, and from not being washed from sometime. The bottom was ragged and tagged what seemed to be thousands of loose threads around the bottom of the pant legs. The jacket that he was wearing seemed to be of a military issued. And was the same dingy grey from not being washed the entire amount of time that he had worn the outfit. On the right pocket there was a patch on it, but due to the position that he was laying in; he was unable to make it fully

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