Creative Writing: Proserpina's Journeys

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The cold and delectable angled seeds, covered by a thin film layer, burst in her mouth releasing sweet and tart juices pleasing her desperate tastebuds. Sweet and sour, perhaps a sign of the new journey awaiting for Proserpina. The beginning of her journey has arrived, with tear stained cheeks and glossy eyes, Proserpina drapes her soothing arms around her weeping mother. "You have taught me well, I go in confidence and triumphant I shall return." She softly spoke into her devoted mother's ear. "With a heavy heart I will accept your departure, and I will earnestly await your sound return." Ceres remained with extended open arms, as her dutiful daughter backed away. Peering into her mother’s eyes, which were glazed over like droplets of…show more content…
The thought of the garden reminded her of her mother, giving her an at-home feeling. Turning around in one swift motion, Proserpina was off with Pluto by her side as they make their way to the garden. Over time, Proserpina took regular trips to visit the garden. Her appreciation grew as she got to know the nature of the Underworld, its unique attributes, and the beauty of it. The rows of ruby roses and diamond dahlias fascinated Proserpina, as she had never seen such beautiful plants. Then the pomegranate orchard, what a breathtaking sight! The bountiful trees lined a pathway that led to a golden gazebo. Until now, Proserpina had never feasted her eyes on such a magnificent sight. Even though Proserpina enjoyed her temporary trips in the garden, she began to warm up to Pluto, who admired his little ray of sunshine very much. For every moment they spent together, Pluto gifted Proserpina with precious stones and additions to her flourishing garden. Although the gifts and adornments were enough for some women to be content, Pluto found that Proserpina needed more passionate attention. Along with the treasures, Pluto also acknowledged and admired Proserpina's charm and

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