Creative Writing: Rhonda's Room

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She walked up the stairs, ready to conquer and clean. As she opened the creaking door, she expected to see towering boxes of ancient toys and old sets of china and other junk. Like in the movies, with spiders and webs, peeling paint and maybe an old crib. Or a map and some long forgotten treasures, just waiting for her to find. But all she found was a room,full of light and clolor. She was stunned by the beauty of it all. As her eyes focused, she began to realize that the swirling and dancing of colors was caused by stunning stain glass window pains. They were in abstract designs, and rhonda figured that she hadn't seen the breath taking designs, because the outside seemed to be dirty and no color but black. Rhonda was so overwhelmed…show more content…
It was half clothed in a delicate white silk, that had a smooth swirl pattern. The other half was a black coarse fabric that seemed heavy and out of place near the smooth and flawless other half. They had been sown together with a fine faded forest green thread. . She looked once more around the room. Looking for any signs or indications what might lie beneath the peculiar covering. She softly pulled the fabric. her right hand touched the fwhite fabric in her hand,this side felt soft and smooth, and had a cold feel to it. The other side felt scratchy and hot. Carefully she lifted it up and over, holding her breath she she looked at what she had just uncovered. It was a book podium, but not like any of which RRhonda had ever seen. It was made of a creamy white marble, that had flecks of gold, silver and white. The base seemed to be connected to the floor at first glance. But really it was in the design of the tree, the long slender roots disappearing into the white colored wood of the floor. Rhonda noticed that one root was placed just so if she stepped on it she would have a better view of what lay on the magnificent marble…show more content…
A corner seemed to be burnt and another had water stains. Although maybe any other place it would have been something to discover, but in a room like this, you would think something just as amazing would be found. Disappointed Rhonda opened up the book, It was an odd book, one large black and white picture was on each page. They were held down by silver metal clasps. The first page was of a girl, with short dark wavy hair, and a summer checkered dress that seemed to fit perfectly on her. She looked around rhodes age, but a maybe a little older. The girl was standing alone, at the beach. The wind was moving her hair, and the girl seemed to be smiling. The other picture was of the same girl but in different places, the mall, picnics, parties and a few were her at school. Never was there anyone else in the pictures. Rhoda frowned, all of the pictures showed however this girle wasshe was , smiling, happy and carefree. Also she got to travel to a ton of different places. RHoda could only wish she might someday be able to go were this girlehad

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