Creative Writing: John Thornton And Buck

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John Thornton and Buck looked at each other. “ You poor devil,” said John Thornton and Buck licked his hand. John Thornton and Buck walk off upon the glazing night skies, and Buck is thinking why would he not give me up for money, I’m not going to be here for long, sometime in life I'm going to run off and become someone else’s dog. “ I love John Thornton very much, I will hurt the person who hurt him so bad.” Thought Buck. John thought “ Why would those people want a strong dog like Buck, cant they see I wants what is good for em, and they don't have it.” Buck was so happy to be with such a man like John, he jumped on top of John and gave him the most sloppiest, wettest, licking ever. They find a place to rest for the night and all

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