Creative Writing: Landscaping Of Heaven

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Heaven wasn't the place that religion had made it out to be. It wasn't a place of fluffy white clouds and a giant golden gate. It also wasn't a place where everyone was equal, where almost everyone who wasn't a deceased human was an angel. Heaven was a place of class. The deceased humans were placed in their own personal heaven while others decided everything in the living world and the dead world. There were the normal angels who guarded Heaven and those who protected specific humans but there were also beings who focused on the landscaping of Heaven. These creatures weren't angels but they also weren't human. They were called Jyarmin, elfish creatures that cleaned up and designed the Heavenly terrain. Above the angels and Jyarmin were the Higher-ups or more commonly known as the Elders. They…show more content…
It was far too apparent that Mavis had planned on telling Nephari this for quite a while. Nephari was one of those Higher-ups that were born that way, she wasn't commissioned the title like many others. Unfortunately, this made Mavis green with envy. She had worked thousands of hours to get where she was while this wretch simply was 'born' with this power. "You were far too young to be an elder. Each of the numbers on the side of the dice had meant something but the side you rolled simply proved you weren't ready to be considered a higher-up. You see, there are a thousand sides to this specific die, and if you roll a six, it means this responsibly is too much. As I said, each of the numbers represent something, you were destined for that number. For example, number five hundred means that there is great fortune coming your way but number five hundred one means that doom is apparent in your path. In your case, number six is a sign of immaturity. I'm sorry to say this but you aren't ready to be a higher up. Naphari, come back once you have actually learned

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