Creative Writing: The Crucible Thaddeus

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Arden thanked Thaddeus for the added help, and wound have complained about the seating arrangements, if he hadn’t of said anything. “I didn’t say I was afraid to fall! I said I’d be mad if she drops us…” She said with her cheeks puffed out, as Kzald took off. She made sure that Othin wouldn’t fly off, since he couldn’t do so for himself. After they were in the air for a bit, the man started to explain things to her and she listened intently. When he spoke of the cave, it peaked her interest quite a bit, as she hadn’t been anywhere near this area in a while. “I doubt it was me that you found. Something tells me that was the Nuita our evil god friend spoke of…We had a conversation before he warped us to your location.” She said searching through

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