Creative Writing: The Scorpo-Rats

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She quickly cast her hidden spell about herself, its coolness making her feel safer. She sprinted down the corridor. Merryn pussy footed further down the hallway looking for any exits. The hallway turns to the right further down is a flight of stairs. The torches flickered deep down into the depths. He forced herself to calm her mind, to quit, it's racing of its and buts before she proceeded down them. Come on now don't forget what you were taught, get control. After what seems like an eternity, she reached the bottom. Scorpo-rats fill the lower area. Disgusting! A few were off near a cell door, they poked at a baby bugbear with their venom tipped tails. The small furry bear like creature opened its small mouth and snapped weakly at them. On impulse, she kicked both of the scorp-rats as hard as she could. They crashed into a vat of putrid green glop…show more content…
He slashed and hacked at the scorpo-rats, "Don't let them sting you Han, the poison can kill you quickly!" The rats swarmed a frenzy of claws and teeth. Parcival feinted, and parried the stingers, Han next to him managed to slash at several of his own. Parcival lunged at the renaming rat that managed to get away from him, it ran up the stairway. "We have to kill it before it warns any others!" They raced after it into a large room with glowing liquid containers. Parcival spotted Merryn floating in the nearest container. Parcival stood there in shock for a few seconds. "That sadistic son of a bitch did this to her?" Spying this, Han bent behind a large cloth covered chair and vomited. The cat-man managed to look green through his white fur. Parcival spying a crank on the container attempted to turn it. "It's stuck! Help me Han!" Parcival said. Han groaned, but jumped onto Parcivali's shoulders. Bracing his feet against the Paladins back, he kicked at the crank. The handle refused to budge, and is stuck

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