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  • Nursing Theory Paper

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    DESCRIPTION OF THE THEORY Madeleine Leininger was a nursing theorist that wanted to make a difference in healthcare by developing a culturally caring approach in nursing. According to “Leininger’s Culture Care Theory”(2013) Madeleine Leininger proposes that there are three modes for guiding nurses judgments, decisions, or actions in order to provide appropriate, beneficial, and meaningful care: preservation and/or maintenance; accommodation and/or negotiation; and re-patterning and/or restructuring

  • Nursing Critical Reflection Report

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    INTRODUCTION This essay will demonstrate the critical reflection and outline the benefits gained by nurses and also identifies and discuss some possible consequences if nurses do not reflect on their practice. Also, it will discuss the strategies that nurse can use to reflect experience and how critical reflection is important in our lives as a nurse. Critical reflection involves applying ones critical thinking abilities or skills to think about their practices and ideas in order to step back and

  • External Criticism Of Nursing Theory

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    Nursing, aging, environment, health, and a synthesis are the five concepts identified by the author in the successful aging theory, and they are easily understandable without lengthy descriptions and explanations. The diagram in the theory explains the interrelationships

  • Nursing Concept Analysis Paper

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    Although there is no specific impact theory for nursing, the “social impact theory” is still useful for nursing practice. The social impact theory as explained by Aronson et al. (2007) states the social impact theory relates to the idea that integrating to social impact depends on the strength of the group’s importance, its relation

  • My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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    After getting acquainted with the whole concept of what the philosophy of nursing really is, I felt as if it is almost impossible to develop my own philosophy because I haven’t been immersed into the nursing practice and experienced a real taste of it as of yet. But never the less from my experience as a student nurse I can say that my philosophy is the one that characterized by holistic, empathetic and culturally sensitive care to all my patients. It is essential to me to be a patient

  • Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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    strong links to the course I want to pursue, challenging and motivating me to learn more. Upon completion of this course I am confident the knowledge and skills I will have gained, will lay the foundation to pursue further studies in Mental Health Nursing at university. In my experience as a Health Care Assistant and Support worker, I have worked with people with various mental health disabilities.

  • National Simulation Study In Nursing

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    I have chosen to answer both questions within this post. The publication of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) National Simulation Study (Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014) clearly notes statistically significant efficacy for use of simulation within the nursing curriculum in the prelicensure student. The study provided a three year longitudinal follow with the research participants which provides a greater validity for the results. The study had some

  • Person Centred Nursing Research Paper

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    single precise definition for person centred nursing. McCormack states that “Person-centredness is an approach to practice established through the formation and fostering of therapeutic relationships between all care providers, older people and others significant to them in their lives. It is underpinned by values of respect for persons, individual right to self-determination, mutual respect and understanding.” (McCormack et al. 2008). In relation to the nursing aspect of this concept, terms such as user-centred

  • Nursing Ethical Issues Paper

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    In the nursing profession, frequently nurses encounter ethical issues in day-to-day practice. Appropriately managing theses ethical issues are crucial to nurses in order to provide beneficence for their patients. This paper will present an ethical issue encountered by a nursing student at clinical placement. An ethical issue is communicated as “a situation that requires a choice between two mutually exclusive choices of action” (Oberle & Raffin-Bouchal, 2009, p. 21). Furthermore, this paper will

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Analysis

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    To begin, a Skilled Nursing Facility, or SNF, is meant for people typically leaving the hospital who still require continuous medical care and therapy. Clients in a SNF do not require the intense level of care that is often given in a hospital. Qualified personal emphasize the client’s return to home by working on mobility, independence and working to return to everyday life, including continuing their occupational roles in a short-term care facility (Hofmann, 2015). In a long-term care or hospice