Nursing Concept Analysis Paper

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As nurse practitioners NP’s become more actively involved in the dynamic healthcare continuum, it is important to evaluate the impact NP’s will create in their practicing environment. Understanding the conceptual meaning of impact is imperative. Primarily because determining how the implementation of NP’s into practice will affect patient outcomes is beneficial in guiding the NP’s practice philosophies. When an NP accurately understands their impact on all aspects of healthcare they can maximize opportunities received therefore providing competent efficient care. According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Merriam-Webster, 2015) impact is defined as “having a strong and often bad effect on (something or someone)” and “to hit (something)…show more content…
This analysis focuses on the concept an impact, the antecedents that precede an impact, and the consequences which may result from an impact. Walker and Avant's (2005) concept analysis serves as a guideline for this paper. The steps of a concept analysis include the following: “(a) selecting the concept; (b) determining the aims and professional purposes of the concept analysis; (c) defining the concept using primary references; (d) identifying the attributes that must be present in order for the concept to exist; (e) providing model, borderline, and contrary cases that clarify the defining attributes by utilizing situational examples relevant to the profession; (f) determining antecedents and consequences that respectively must occur or occur as a result of the concept; and (g) defining empirical referents” (Walker, 2011…show more content…
Although there is no specific impact theory for nursing, the “social impact theory” is still useful for nursing practice. The social impact theory as explained by Aronson et al. (2007) states the social impact theory relates to the idea that integrating to social impact depends on the strength of the group’s importance, its relation to distance on whom it is having an impact on, and the number of people in the group who are being affected. Understanding these principles in practice NP’s have a better perspective on how their practice will reflect and change those they

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