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After getting acquainted with the whole concept of what the philosophy of nursing really is, I felt as if it is almost impossible to develop my own philosophy because I haven’t been immersed into the nursing practice and experienced a real taste of it as of yet. But never the less from my experience as a student nurse I can say that my philosophy is the one that characterized by holistic, empathetic and culturally sensitive care to all my patients. It is essential to me to be a patient advocate, provider, teacher, and leader because I think that we as nurses should deliver the highest quality nursing care in order to accomplish excellence in patient's outcomes. To me nursing is about compassion and trying to understand my clients…show more content…
I believe that a nurse who equipped with their knowledge, observational and critical care skills are able to work with other medical professionals to provide care that will maximize the potential for a successful outcome of medical interventions and achieve positive results for their patients. I believe a competent nurse is able to communicate effectively with her team members, have the tenacity to fight for the rights of the patient, but at the same time possess respect for his or her superiors. I believe that I can be an effective liaison between the patient, the patient’s family, the doctors and other team members who involved in that patient's care. Educating patients is essential, and something I value. Integrating evidence based practice and critical thinking skills into my clinical work will help me establish positive patient’s outcomes. As a professional nurse I feel a personal commitment toward a life-long learning process, through formal education and hands-on experience to better myself and my nursing knowledge. And I prove this by showing my commitment and return back to college to enhance my knowledge, and work towards obtaining my BSN of Nursing. I uphold the ethical codes of the American Nurses Association and Joint Commission Standards and once I obtain that job will thrive to provide safe, effective care, privacy and confidentiality by protecting the patient’s

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