Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement

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Presently, I am studying Access to Higher Education in Health at Milton Keynes College. Modules such as Human biology (which looks at the anatomy and physiology of the human body), Psychology (topics which entails behaviourism and attachment of individuals). Other modules include application of numbers and study skills/IT. These modules are enjoyable, have strong links to the course I want to pursue, challenging and motivating me to learn more. Upon completion of this course I am confident the knowledge and skills I will have gained, will lay the foundation to pursue further studies in Mental Health Nursing at university. In my experience as a Health Care Assistant and Support worker, I have worked with people with various mental health disabilities.…show more content…
This is relevant in assessing if clients are a danger to the community or themselves. When I complete my degree, I would like to gain experience working in various setting such as hospitals, community and prisons. Pursuing a career in this field will be rewarding as I will make a difference in their lives, such as enabling them integrate into the community. Presently I have undergone extensive training such as physical intervention training for people with challenging behaviour, breakaway techniques and qualified first aider .In my employment to date, I have worked in medium secure units with individuals having mild mental health issues such as drug addictions. Time keeping is an essential skill in my role due to administering medication to individuals. In addition, I am able to manage my time and demonstrate committed as a parent, student and employee. I have strong written skills used to document activities and incidents for the client and care plans. Working as a team player is vital in my role. I have proved to work well with others where communication is key to sharing information and instructions. My role has enabled me become more empathetic to individuals. I work well with people from various backgrounds and respect their values and culture. I have demonstrated that I can use my own initiative, work on my own or with minimal

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