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It is difficult to pinpoint a single precise definition for person centred nursing. McCormack states that “Person-centredness is an approach to practice established through the formation and fostering of therapeutic relationships between all care providers, older people and others significant to them in their lives. It is underpinned by values of respect for persons, individual right to self-determination, mutual respect and understanding.” (McCormack et al. 2008). In relation to the nursing aspect of this concept, terms such as user-centred, family-centred, patient-centred, personalised or individualised care have been used informally in the medical world for years. This is why we can say that this is not a particularly new concept, with researchers…show more content…
This model of care does not simply look at a patient as a collection of diagnoses and symptoms in need of medical therapy, but sees the person behind said symptoms and treats them in a holistic way, taking into account their experiences, values, beliefs and psychological needs as well as their physiological needs. So, instead of offering a concise and inevitably limited definition, the Health Foundation has come up with a framework that comprises four principles of person-centred care: affording respect, dignity and compassion; providing coordinated treatment, care and support; providing enhanced personalised treatment, care and support; and helping older people to recognise and develop their own abilities and strengths in order to enable them to live independently (Heath Foundation,…show more content…
This includes both the physical environment of the care setting and the goings on in that environment. As referred to above, person centred nursing is particularly successful concerning people suffering from dementia. In the past, it was very difficult to care for these people as, because they become disorientated easily in a relatively new environment, it was thought best to contain them in sections of the ward where they could not escape the eye of the caregivers. In person centred care, it is recommended that a safe environment be provided for these people to roam freely and safely. Physical changes in the environment are also disconcerting for some older people with these conditions. It is important for the person to feel safe in the caring environment, which is difficult if it seems ever-changing to

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