Nursing Critical Reflection Report

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INTRODUCTION This essay will demonstrate the critical reflection and outline the benefits gained by nurses and also identifies and discuss some possible consequences if nurses do not reflect on their practice. Also, it will discuss the strategies that nurse can use to reflect experience and how critical reflection is important in our lives as a nurse. Critical reflection involves applying ones critical thinking abilities or skills to think about their practices and ideas in order to step back and examine those ideas and knowledge as well as their past and present actions so to learn from them and hypothesise about the future. It is the process of examining one’s self by looking back into the past experiences or what has already happened in other to evaluate, improve and enhance the growth and development of one’s profession (Dempsey & Wilson, 2009). The uppermost component of thoughtful practice as indicate by Dempsey and Wilson (2009) is reflective practice and in order to be a thoughtful nurse or midwife, one must be self-aware of how their emotions,…show more content…
According to Dempsey and Wilson, (2009), the likeliness of being in danger by missing the cues of alertness in order to take action is high if nurses are unthoughtful, practice without thinking and are not reflective practitioners. Also as indicated above, critical reflection helps nurses to become self-aware of their values and emotions and how they affect their delivery of care and so nurses who do not reflect critically on their practice are more likely to be unable to differentiate between their emotions, values and professional
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