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DESCRIPTION OF THE THEORY Madeleine Leininger was a nursing theorist that wanted to make a difference in healthcare by developing a culturally caring approach in nursing. According to “Leininger’s Culture Care Theory”(2013) Madeleine Leininger proposes that there are three modes for guiding nurses judgments, decisions, or actions in order to provide appropriate, beneficial, and meaningful care: preservation and/or maintenance; accommodation and/or negotiation; and re-patterning and/or restructuring . The modes have greatly influenced the nurse's ability to provide culturally congruent nursing care, as well as fostering culturally-competent nurses. The Sunshine Model is Leininger's visual aid to the Culture Care Theory (Leininger’s Culture…show more content…
The following components have been assessed . The theory provides purpose by providing culturally congruent nursing care suitable for the individual patient and their cultural needs. The culturally competent nurse is able to make decisions in nursing care by taking into consideration the patient’s cultural values and beliefs. The intent is to have beneficial healthcare outcomes for each individual by encompassing their cultural values and beliefs at the same time. According to “Leininger’s Culture Care Theory”(2013) in 1995, Leininger defined transcultural nursing as "A substantive area of study and practice focused on comparative cultural care (caring) values, beliefs, and practices of individuals or groups of similar or different cultures with the goal of providing culture-specific and universal nursing care practices in promoting health or well-being, or to help people to face unfavorable human conditions, illness, or death in culturally meaningful ways.” The concepts, definition, and meaning of the concepts begin with the care and caring that are expressed through assisting others through helping them with their needs while providing care. Culture and culture care is the process of taking into consideration ones culture and beliefs system while providing care (Leininger’s Culture Care Theory, 2013). Culture care diversity is the differences in the meaning and values that are acceptable to an individual. Cultural universality refers to common beliefs among people of many cultures . The theory defines nursing as a learned profession with a disciplined focus on care phenomena. (citation?) Worldview is the way people look at the world and perceive it. Cultural and social structure dimensions include factors related to spirituality, social structure, political concerns, economics, educational
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