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In the nursing profession, frequently nurses encounter ethical issues in day-to-day practice. Appropriately managing theses ethical issues are crucial to nurses in order to provide beneficence for their patients. This paper will present an ethical issue encountered by a nursing student at clinical placement. An ethical issue is communicated as “a situation that requires a choice between two mutually exclusive choices of action” (Oberle & Raffin-Bouchal, 2009, p. 21). Furthermore, this paper will navigate through the students’ situation through the framework for ethical decision-making established by Oberle and Raffin-Bouchal, (2009). The biomedical ethics and Immanuel Kant’s deontological theories as outlined in chapter one of Oberle & Raffin-Bouchal (2009) text will be used to explore the situation. The legal legislation: Tort Law (personal communication, Ko, September 26th, 2014) will be used to help understand the ethical situation. During placement at a Niagara Health System facility, an ethical issue aroused when the student nurse asked for assistance from a nurse to remove a patient’s medication from the system, as codes for the students we not yet available. The nurse, ready to help until the patient was identified for the medication. The nurses’ remark was…show more content…
Oberle & Raffin, framework for ethical decision-making guides nurses in identifying ethical issues, considering vital actions, choosing the best course of action and following through with it, and reflecting on the outcomes to improve decision-making. The framework for ethical decision-making explores five components to ethical issue: assessing the ethics of the situation, reflecting on, and reviewing potential action, selecting an ethical action, engaging in ethical action, and reflecting on and reviewing the ethical action. All are directed to the goal of acting for the patient’s best interest

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