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  • Comprehensive Nursing Assessment Paper

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    Comprehensive Physical Assessment in Critical Care Nursing Practice According to Lewis, Heitkemper, Ruff-Dirksen, Bucher, & Graber-O’Brien (2010), comprehensive physical assessment is the collection of information about the individual's health status that establishes baseline for future assessments (p. 97-99). Also, comprehensive physical assessment is a core element of caring nursing practice which allows to systematically assess oxygen supply and demand, provides a foundation for developing a

  • Nursing Personal Statement Essay

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    To study Child nursing is my life’s ambition, I love a challenge and feel I work well under pressure. As a child myself I became a “Young Carer”, looking after my younger siblings, adopting a motherly role; Feeding, washing, changing and doing school runs, etc. This has given me an understanding of the basic care and needs of babies/children, and adolescents, which I can apply to my future nursing studies. Whilst studying Health and social care I learnt the importance of diversity and communication

  • Role Of Occupational Health Nursing

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    1-Define the occupational health nursing. 2-List the scope of occupational health nursing. 3- Describe work health interactions. 4-Identify the team of occupational health and safety programs. 5-Discus the role of community health nursing in occupational health. -Introduction: -No work is completely risk free and all health care professionals should have some basic knowledge about workforce populations, work and related hazards, and methods to control hazards and improve health

  • Scope Of Nursing Practice Essay

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    to their patients. It is important that they know what is in their scope of practice and what is not, there is so much that a Registered Nurse can do that it can be easy to forget what their scope of practice is and what is not in their scope. The Nursing Practice act is designed with the intent of making sure that the scope for Nurse’s is available and underlined so that there isn’t much of a question about it. The Nurse Practice Act states there are eleven different scopes that nurses can follow

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Practice

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    with ethical dilemmas in our nursing practice. Recently, a pregnant woman presented to our hospital from out of town. She was in labor and had no intention of taking the newborn home upon discharge. One of our physicians knew of a couple who had wanted to adopt for years. After obtaining consent from the laboring patient as well as the adoptive parents, he provided the laboring patient with the phone number of the couple’s attorney. I quickly notified the Nursing Director as well as our Social

  • Comprehensive Nursing Assessment: A Case Study

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    Comprehensive nursing assessment of the older adult includes a thorough review of past medical, surgical, and family histories. The nurse should ask a client about current medications, particularly diuretics, beta-blockers, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, and steroids. Patients bringing in their prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications would help the nurse assess for potential problems related to drug interactions or for drugs that alter blood glucose levels. The nurse should determine

  • Professional Nursing Program Analysis

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    I could've never imagined myself to be a health care professional, caring for another person, being responsible for their life. Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S Licensed Practical Nursing Program has had such a positive influence on me and my life. The program has guided me towards my career goal of becoming a health care professional. This program doesn't only teach medical information, but has taught me to become a responsible,mature and selfless young adult. In the beginning of the program, you are taught

  • The Importance Of Hope In Nursing Care

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    Nursing care allows for the relationship between the nurse and the patient to develop on a deeper understanding. This also allows the patient to have trust in the health care professionals. From research, it is evident that hope also has a connection to a patient’s quality of life (Smith, 2014). Through literature I have learnt that providing basic nursing care is a way for me to give and sustain the hope patients may have. As

  • Nursing Ontological Perspective Analysis

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    nursing’s ontological perspective as a practice discipline. In order to achieve this, the author will explain what an ontology perspective to nursing means. The author will define what is nursing and the nature of nursing. This will be looked at from an ontological nursing perspective. The author will discuss the characteristics that determine the nursing perspective. The key aspects to knowledge as a practice discipline will be addressed. Concluding with the main points outlined. Ontology is a

  • My Nursing Model Paper

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    My nursing model reflects the four nursing concepts. The train and rail road are example of the four nursing concepts. The engine represent health, conductor represent nursing, cars represent human, and rail track represent environment The philosophy of nursing is defined as the intellectual and affective outcomes of the professional nurse's efforts to: 1) understand the ultimate relationships between humans, their environment, and health 2) approach nursing as a scientific discipline 3) Integrate