Coat Of Arms In Nursing

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A coat of arms is a combination of different symbols that represent certain ideals or characteristics. The purpose of this report is to describe and discuss a coat of arms and three qualities that our group has chosen and why we believe they are important to nursing. In the heart of the shield, at the base are a pair of hands colored white, which are open wide, like a petal of a flower. They represent the caring quality. Set in the middle of the open hands , lies an open book. The book of knowledge, which contains all that needs to be known in nursing. The sides of the shield are colored in order of beige to blue, blue to beige respectively. They hold no mean and are just for decorative purposes. "Book." Knowledge is an instrumental tool in the healthcare field. It acts as a guide enabling nurse's to think critically and make wise decisions. These critical thinking skills arm nurse's with the ability to react to the unvarying needs of a patient in their care. Comprehensive knowledge about the uniqueness of an…show more content…
It is known that integrity plays a part in everything we do and that our actions define who we are, especially as nurse's. A nurse with integrity possesses patience, honesty, respect, is responsible and accountable for his/her actions. Dealing with patients on a regular basis isn't easy and situations can change quickly requiring a nurse to maintain a calm and collected composure day in and day out. It allows nurses to be respectful not only to their patients but their co-workers as well. Integrity allows nurses to adhere to rules, and are mindful of patient confidentiality and the differing cultures. Therefore it is important for a nurse to have integrity to foster a concrete relationship between patients and colleagues, and allow for a smooth working

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