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This paper reflects my observations and thoughts as a part of my clinical experience, shadowing a Nurse. I was assigned to RN Nick on unit 2400. This provided me a tremendous opportunity to be practical and learn new things about nursing. What I understood from this experience is that nursing requires a lot of knowledge to assess, plan, and intervene to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness. My two goals that I selected to observe during my shadowing experience were the methods followed to identify patients correctly and the use medicines in safe manner. Joint Commission’s 2014 National Patient Safety Goals The National Patient Safety Goals published by the Joint Commission are a key when it comes to patient…show more content…
The patient’s blood levels were carefully monitored and lab tests were done to confirm the latest results and it was confirmed by the doctor that the patient needed a blood transfusion. At the time of transfusion RN Nick used the patient’s armband to confirm the identity of the patient. The patients name and date of birth was cross checked with EPIC and the armband, the patient was asked to state her name and date of birth to reconfirm the identify the patient. The Blood was confirmed by reading out loud the name of the patient, date of birth, they type of blood and the reference number. A second example is of a patient was a patient who was going to receive a heparin injection. The medication label was checked for the right medication and expiration date and the dosage. The medication was checked through MAR and also through Pyxis as to the right dosage, right medication and right person. It was double checked by second RN to make sure that there were no errors. This process involves three steps when administering medications they are as follows, the first check is performed when the nurse pulls the medications from the cabinet. After…show more content…
He showed via his actions in dealing with the above situation that one has to have the ability to look at the facts and make a decision based on the situation and facts. This helped him to addresses the situation in a way that was productive for the both the patient and the nurse, For any infection, the most common preventative measure is proper hand hygiene. In the hospital, healthcare workers are required to wash their hands before and after contact with patients. To reinforce the importance of hand hygiene in the hospital antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the hospital and can be found in patients’ rooms close to the door or just outside mounted to the wall. By placing sanitizers in patients’ rooms, it can serve as a reminder for each healthcare worker to perform proper hand hygiene before and after leaving the

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