Transformational Nursing Leaders

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Introduction Nurses need to have the qualities of a leader and a manager because of the transformation of the health care system. Nurses have to embrace and drive for change in order to lead and give the best quality of care to their patients (Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director , 2011). With the changes to the health care system means a shift in nursing practice. Some changes in nursing that are being seen included composition of workforce, labor relations, recruitment and retention, and the scrutiny of the quality of care delivered (In PP). With the modifications of the health care system, it is even more apparent that nurses need to step up and be both a leader and a manger while in the clinical setting. Management and…show more content…
‘Transactional leaders emphasize the process of setting goals and giving direction and strive to compromise, manipulate and control the situation and followers’ (McGuire and Kennerly, 2006). These types of leaders like to give praise or rewards depending on their follower’s work performance. Transformational leaders use charismatic, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration to influence towards their staff (McGuire and Kennerly, 2006). Transformation nursing leaders would rather mentor and give guidance to their patients or other nurses in the clinical setting rather than having to be authoritative…show more content…
If they do not have a good relationship, it can affect the quality of care their patients receive and make the environment uncomfortable for not only the nurses but the patients too. It is up to the nurse manager on the unit to decide which nurses get which patients from their work experience and depending on what are the nurse's strengths and weaknesses. The nurse manager and the nurses on the unit need to have good communication skills with one another because good communication skills are the key to success on the floor. Fayol (1965) concede that nurse managers need to lead their staff by motivating, managing conflict, delegating communication and facilitating

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