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Importance of Nursing Informatics Nursing informatics is a specialty field of nursing that merges the science of healthcare with information management. This field takes medical decision making to a whole new level by not only supporting nurses but the entire healthcare team to help achieve the best outcome for the patient (Mitchell, 2011). The process of nursing informatics is accomplished by the use of information structures and technology. As the technology advances it provides better ways to care for and treat patients. Nursing informatics also focuses on ways to provide better patient safety and reduction of medical errors. This is done by electronic charting by way of electronic charting. Computerized physician order entry is the process in which a provider directly enters patient orders for care into a computer system, thus reducing the amount of transcription errors that may occur (Hebda & Czar, 2013). Experienced nurses vs. inexperienced nurse Nurses gather and collect patient data to help in the decision making for patient centered interventions. Informatics helps to provide the tools to aide in processing,…show more content…
Several methods can be put in place to help limit the number of errors with data input. This starts with proper education of staff. All medical staff dealing with input of patient information should be properly trained and attend classes. There is also three different data verification techniques; verbal confirmation, asking clients to review data on a selected screen and asking clients to review printouts of entered data (Hebda & Czar, 2013). These three techniques not only serve as a check and balance system but actively engage the client in taking hold of their health. The ultimate goal is to provide better patient care across the board and minimize the risk of error. Nursing informatics is a growing field and with each new step of technology it can only move in a more positive

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