Nursing Assessment In Nursing

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Assessment: Nurses have the skills and knowledge gained from the multidisciplinary team, profession and semi-profession personnel which can be used to acquire an insight information about the patient. Assessment and follow up by the nurse in community helps to identify the risk and level of care needs (Ryan et al 2006). This helps the nurse to plan interventions and develop programs for best practice care. For example, if a person presents with any signs of dementia, it is very important to get an accurate past history of the patient. This help the nurse and care giver to manage and give the best care possible. Managing patients medical and experiences of patient illness: In Ryan et al (2006) study, participants described nurse as central of the health care services. They have the skills and are first to recognize any acute mental illness symptoms presented. Dementia patients can get agitated, frustrated and outburst easily at any time. Whilst, community nurses play the main role in identifying the risk take prompt actions. They also deal with medical aspect of care assessing and making sure that the client gets the right medications on time. To illustrate an example, there is a resident with dementia in a nursing home where I currently work. She throws tantrum and yells at a care giver whenever is approaches here but, she gets calm and relaxed when a nurse…show more content…
To give an example, community nurses visit homes of dementia clients on regular bases, take medication histories, its compliance and potential problems associated. She maintains the documentation of every actions taking to communicate with other care givers and multidisciplinary team to plan further interventions if need. Community nurse in multidisciplinary team acts as bridge between patients and other healthcare teams (Wilkes et al

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