Importance Of Nursing Experience In Nursing

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Evidence 1 Throughout the master’s program, I have enhanced my nursing practice through public service and participation in professional organizations. I have volunteered at Synergy Saturdays in addition to Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas. Furthermore, I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, which has permitted me to network with other healthcare professionals. The first example that I would like to present would be my volunteer services at Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas (see Appendix G). Demonstrates professional expertise appropriate for the advanced nursing practice Volunteering at Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas has allowed me to not only build on my existing analytical skills and…show more content…
In this setting, I may function as a triage nurse or as an advanced practice registered nurse depending on the clinic’s needs. Therefore, addressing the medical, pharmacological, dental, mental and social needs of this diverse patient population has a substantial impact one’s quality of life. Reflects state of the art knowledge and standards of care The Harmony Health Clinic fosters an environment of human caring, compassion, respect, dignity, and diversity. In this setting free quality medical care is provided by employing state of the art knowledge and standard of care. Therefore, being a part of the Harmony Health Care Clinic, I was able to provide preventive and acute care medical care in addition to dental care, health maintenance as well as health education, and some pharmacy aid. Being a part of Synergy Saturday has allowed me to provide my advanced clinical skills and knowledge to a diverse population group. I was able to offer professional nursing advice on an array of health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, smoking cessation, and sleep apnea in addition to promoting healthy lifestyle habits as well as advising follow-ups with health care providers to seek medical…show more content…
Mr. Larry Freeman has been the catalyst behind this initiative and has been diligently working in collaboration with other healthcare professions, students, organizations, and legislation in advocating for preventative health care in addition to affordable health care. My involvement in this initiative has increased my awareness concerning the needs that must be addressed to those underserved, diverse populations. I appreciate the collaborative approach in reaching the masses, particularly from a legislative perspective, which can have a significant impact in implementing necessary changes. Reflects state of the art knowledge and standards of care In order to provide optimal health screenings, risk assessments, and health education, I was able to utilize my extensive medical background, which is supported by professional standards of care and scientific evidence-based knowledge. Additionally, educational opportunities were enhanced through the use of other healthcare professionals who were actively engaging in this program. Furthermore, the networking with other healthcare professional outside of nursing was an incredible opportunity as

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