Nursing Accountability

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Accountability for Self Practices and Actions Accountability is a form of responsibility. It is acknowledging one’s actions and taking the necessary steps to rectify one’s mistakes. Accountability is at the center of the nursing profession, it incorporates its way through nursing practice in all settings and at all levels. It is an energizing force throughout the organization of nursing. “Therefore, where a culture of accountability exists, people do what they say they will do. Everyone builds credibility for themselves and for the organization by holding themselves and each other to the standard of being accountable” (Rachel, 2012). “In contrast, when an organization is lacking accountability it is full of excuses for not meeting objectives, goals, and outcomes. People in these organizations believe that being close to the goal is good enough and they doubt that anyone will notice the difference. Or worse yet, they sense that goals are arbitrary and have no real significance” (Rachel, 2012). Incorporating Constructive Feedback for Performance Improvement Even with the best intentions behind it, criticism can make me feel defensive. It is natural to want to feel justified or right in all situations. Being able to accept constructive…show more content…
2) Punctuality shows competence, and this means someone who shows, consistently, that they are the master of their time is someone who will be taken seriously in areas far removed from time management. 3) Punctuality shows integrity, and this means punctuality is also a way to provide trust. When a person makes an appointment or has an obligation to be somewhere at a specific time, that person has made a commitment to be punctual as well. 4) Punctuality shows you value people. People have very busy lives. Being on time shows that you value their time and that you value them as a person” (Wax,

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