Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy

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motorcycles is now so strong that it can take a year or two to get one, even if a customer is willing to pay the thousands of extra dollars that some dealers are tacking onto the usual list price of $15,000 or more. To catch up, the company has committed $200 million to expand production capacity to 200,000 units by 2003, its centennial year. In the meantime, the inability to meet demand is decidedly a mixed blessing. On the plus side, Harley enjoys some of the production economies that have made direct computer sellers like Dell and Gateway 2000 such spectacular successes. Every motorcycle that Harley makes has already been sold; in effect, the company is now building to order. That means no steep inventory costs for the big bikes relating…show more content…
This policy, followed later with such tremendous success in the personal computer market, allowed Harley to do away with vast stocks of parts awaiting assembly by adopting the Japanese just-in-time methodology. A continuous flow of quality parts into Harley's factories not only reduces money tied up in inventory but drives quality throughout the manufacturing process. C. Describe the five marketing management concepts and explain which one describes best Harley-Davidson marketing strategy?? Every company can have different ideas or philosophy. For example, a particular company can have its idea or philosophy that if the production is done on a large scale, the cost would be less and the product would be sold automatically. In this way, such a company will concentrate mainly on the large scale production of goods. Similarly, some other company can have a different idea. It may have an idea that if the quality of the product is improved, there will be no difficulty in selling the product. Under the marketing management philosophy, we shall study the following five concepts: (1) Production Concept (2) Product Concept (3) Selling…show more content…
Its greatest drawback is that it is not always necessary that the customer every time purchases the cheap and easily available goods or services. 2. Product Concept Those companies who believe in this philosophy are of the opinion that if the quality of goods or services is of good standard, the customers can be easily attracted. The basis of this thinking is that the customers get attracted towards the products of good quality. On the basis of this philosophy or idea these companies direct their marketing efforts to increasing the quality of their product. It is a firm belief of the followers of the product concept that the customers get attracted to the products of good quality. This is not the absolute truth because it is not the only basis of buying goods. escribe what is meant by customer relation management? Meaning:- Management philosophy according to which a company’s goals can be best achieved through identification and satisfaction of the customers state and unstated needs and wants. A computerized system for identifying, targeting, acquiring, and retaining the best mix of customers. Customer relationship management helps in profiling prospects, understanding their needs, and in building relationships with them by providing the most suitable products and enhanced customer sevices.it integrates back and front office systems to create a database of customer contacts, purchases, and technical

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