The Importance Of Effective Marketing

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Marketing plays a vital role in establishing a relationship between company and consumer, while also strategically enhancing company branding. Without effective marketing, consumers may not become aware of products or services and, without consumer demand, companies may not survive. Therefore, the consumer decision process exists in between the marketing strategy and the outcome of these decisions, and this strategy is determined by its interaction with these decisions. However, while the company product must fill a consumer need, consumers must also understand how and why this particular product satisfies their particular needs, and then be persuaded to purchase it. But successful marketing approaches don't end there. They also convince the…show more content…
(Kolter, 2016, p. 173) As a consumer begins searching for a solution to this need, feelings and experiences relevant to this search, along with external influences from advertisements, product reviews, and friend recommendations on social media, begin to influence the search outcome, as alternatives are considered. (Kolter, 2016, p. 174) Effective marketing will sway consumer decisions by providing persuasive messages about products and services in a way that speaks to this consumer, using a platform that targets the appropriate consumer demographic. Using either objective information or subjective impressions, the consumer begins developing a set of evaluative criteria that leads to the choice of a brand or product. (Kolter, 2016, p. 175) Marketing can shape the outcome of this stage in several ways. First, by educating consumers about important product attributes, the consumer sees that this product meets the unmet need. Second, marketing might identify particular evaluative criteria, and highlight the reasons its brand fulfills these criteria. Third, aspirational marketing might induce the consumer to consider an alternative brand. Celebrity endorsements are one such example. Once the product is purchased, social media marketing encourages…show more content…
These aspects of engagement develop deeper, more sustained relationships with a product or brand, which, in turn, prompt consumer loyalty and repeat purchases. Research also shows that connecting with consumers on an emotional level is the most effective way to engage consumers. (Magids, Zorfas, & Leemon, 2015) By tapping into their fundamental motivations and fulfilling unspoken emotional needs, marketers produce a better consumer experience, and consumers become more invested in the brand and its success. Furthermore, an emotional connection drives loyalty, since emotionally connected consumers become convinced that the company understands them. (Kolter, 2016, pp.

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