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The main outcome of the digital era is that the market landscape is nowadays dramatically fast-paced and that users, whether they are customers or companies, navigate within a complex information dominated context. The possibility to access limitless amount of information, from any device at any time, has deeply changed the means and ways customers buy and interact with companies. As a consequence, companies have started re-thinking their assets, capabilities and strategies in order to keep up with competitors and to serve their customers with a relevant and unique value propositions. In today’s setting, differentiate your business by establishing core differences with your competitors might be outdated. Your customers are demonstrated to be…show more content…
Automation supports your company’s marketing department to streamline all your successful efforts, especially within a fast and sensitive time span, scaling up your initiatives across channels. Intuitively, marketing automation is the most sustainable and effective way to achieve scaled personalization, customer-centricity, and improved customers journeys and experiences. By adopting the right marketing technology and software, your communication goals can be speeded up and simplified, improving your overall performance, while optimizing all your marketing efforts. Above all, marketing automation offer a solution to improve your marketing strategy, providing more efficient and more effective processes and operations. Moreover, automating your marketing initiatives allows your company to prioritize and execute tasks in a more structured way, ultimately establishing a clear and bigger picture, yielding higher control over both internal and external…show more content…
When it comes to implementation, at an early stage, your company needs to start reconsidering its strategy and its main goals, with a focus on your segment and customer-base. It is not matters of automate processes for automation’s sake, and adopting such an approach could be dramatically detrimental. As every other marketing initiative that configures in the digital landscape and era, automation has to be tailored those tasks, workflows, and operations that are most likely to simplify and accelerate your company interactions with your

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