Air Asia Marketing Strategy

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Expanding the product mix The product mix is the total range of products offered by the business. By expanding their product mix, the profits will increase in the long term. It is used to adapt to the ever changing tastes and preferences of the customers. Air Asia’s marketing objectives to expand the product mix include: - New routes and destinations all over the world. - Flights to Americas and other Western countries - Further destinations with Air Asia X. - Improving the Do-It-Yourself customisation product where the customers get to pick and choose what they would like. Maximising customer service The most important aspect of the marketing objectives. Customer services is responding to the needs and problems of the customer.…show more content…
The constumers in their respective target markets share similar characteristics such as age, income, lifestyle, location and spending patterns. Although sometimes, a business may be able to distinguish two types of the target market: a primary and a secondary target market. A primary target market is where most of the marketing resources are being directed and the secondary target market is usually the less important market segment and is smaller. Target markets are identified and selected so that businesses are able to direct specific strategies to that particular group of customers to better satisfy the wants and needs of that selected group. By having a target market: 1. The marketing campaigns can be more cost effective and time efficient due to the efficient and strategic use of the marketing resources. 2. The promotion material will be more applicable to the customers’ needs and wants because it was meant to be directed to them and will therefore lessen the chance of it going unnoticed. 3. The business can better understand the buying behaviours of the consumer in that target…show more content…
Fernandes involves himself with the daily functioning of the airline, reflecting his big role of senior management in Air Asia’s relationship marketing and actually implementing decisions based on feedbacks gathered from social medias. An example would be Air Asia adding two previously unpopular destinations such as Lombok and Xi’an because of demands provided by Air Asia’s Twitter followers. - Twitter followers were also given many free flights by the CEO. This has boosted the relationship marketing with its customers. - Air Asia places emphasis on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and as part of its strategy, the airline has launched Ask AirAsia. A third party provides the CRM integrated solution, which Air Asia subscribes to. The program provides feedback to consumers and also answers any questions through live chat and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It also publishes information through Air Asia’s YouTube, Instagram, blog and Pinterest account effectively and keeps the platforms up-to-date. Environmental concerns - In 2007, Air Asia upgraded their fleet with new environmentally responsible aircrafts to improve fuel efficiency and offering the lowest fuel-burn emissions and noise in its

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