Retail Marketing Strategies

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Marketing strategy is a general rule or principal that is used to facilitate marketing activity that will lead to success, increase in sales, sustains competitive advantage and keeps the business running in the long run. Nowadays, the marketing strategy has been evolving due to the changes in technology, globalization and the multiple marketing strategies in the past or the orthodox ones that are no longer appropriate with the situation today. Industries nowadays are facing increased competition and constant changes which makes the businesses keep on renovating their marketing strategy. Businesses have to come up with new techniques that differ from the standard approaches which should be appropriate to an environment which is rapidly changing.…show more content…
(2015). A CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK OF ALTERNATIVE MARKETING STRATEGY AND MARKETING OUTCOMES. Allied Academies International Conference.Academy of Marketing Studies.Proceedings, 20(2), 1-16. Retrieved from This study is to illustrate why retail marketing strategists and planners need to come up long-term relationships which is able in building business partnerships based mutual trust. In a successful retailing strategy is the key when it is implemented within a customer-driven general business strategy. Managers in the marketing division are tasked to produce and support long-term trust-based working relationships, which organizational and national values should be taken into account. Having a mutual relationship, being flexible to each other, as well as trust are the key to a successful partnership arrangement. Sufficient knowledge in marketing is a key factor in the formation and application of plans to achieve these goals. The “organizational resilience value system” framework which is found in this research can be used by marketing…show more content…
The definition stops at the point where organizational levels where concepts might apply. Logical reasoning is used in the study of marketing function. In this study, the word strategy is differently explained. Strategic marketing has become a massive concern of the management. One good explanation of this is due to the current trend of the business world which is about the customers. Customer satisfaction is a major key to for a business which contributes to economic and technical considerations. Furthermore, corporate strategy should also be taken into consideration as this strategy refers to the entire organization or entire company in which its efficiency is seen in a synthetic matter by using the measures of money. To be able to become successful in a business, different types of strategies should be used to be able to reach the company’s goal without compromising anything. In the competitive business world, the strategies, which, is for purpose of the company’s profitability do not match to its approach. Successful products, which are yet able to create any cash flow or having potential customers, but not willing to pay for the product cannot be included as an economic basis for a certain business (Bacanu,

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