Ariel Marketing Case Study

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Question 1 Ariel is using the “marketing concept”. They have determined the needs and wants of their consumers/customers. The product in want and need by the consumers is washing powder for washing clothes. This “Ariel” washing powder has been said to be better than the number one best selling washing powder and all their competitors washing powders. Ariel is constantly trying to better and improve their product for customer satisfaction and needs changing. They are improving their company by offering more for consumers than their competitors. An example; “Ariel washing powder helps remove tough stains in one wash.” Ariel has many more new products available in the market. Ariel has a large target market; it consists of the whole of South Africa.…show more content…
The size of our company even exceeds the market value of all the goods and services produced in many a country and our products touch the lives of more than four billion people from almost 200 nations around the globe. We fully understand that with this stature comes huge responsibility, but we also embrace the opportunity that it presents. Our responsibility is to be an outstanding corporate citizen, who considers the impact of our operations on society, our economy and on earth. But the opportunity that truly excites us- is that which we live and that is embodied in Our Purpose here…show more content…
This will ultimately increase the products price in orders to account for extra costs due to petrol price increases. Electricity shortages and load-shedding (power cuts) cause production of goods to decrease; companies such as Ariel no have to work around the load-shedding programs. This is difficult as production and distribution of certain amounts needs to be up to date and on time, these electricity shortages hinder this part of Ariel. With the globe turning to Green Marketing there is a demand and pressure on companies to produce their goods in the cleanest and safest way that will be better for the environment. Lack of resources can affect the production of Ariel’s washing powder. If there isn’t enough of something Ariel needs to produce washing powder then Ariel has to search for a new resource that can do the same or similar

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