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  • Cause-Related Marketing Case Study

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    Adkins (1999) defined cause -related marketing is a win: win: win scenario where the charity or cause and business win and indeed where the benefits also extend to consumers and other stakeholders. CRM is defined as an effective marketing tool for sustainable growth of the society and company. (Bajdor, P., & Brzezinski, S, 2013). It is found that organization may not be able to overcome

  • Carob Syrup Marketing Mix

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    1. Company Description The company which is willing to enter on Indian Market is a local Cypriot Company producing Cypriot Traditional products. This company at the moment is very successful in Cyprus and in Greece. After the announcement of India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the implementation of a new policy for globalizing the Indian market, the company is willing to enter Indian Market. Company’s main Products - Olive Oil - Haloumi cheese - Trachanas Soup - Anari Cheese - Carob

  • Deductive Approach In Marketing Research

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    collected, analyzed and utilized. The primary aim of science is to transform the things that are believed to exist to things that are known, that is, doxa to episteme. The current research effort utilized positivism since it is the most popular in marketing research. For the current type of research, theory development is followed by data collection that either affirms or rejects the theory. Afterwards, the necessary

  • Importance Of Price Elasticity

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    The aim of the research study highlights the concept and importance of elasticity of demand. The concept of price elasticity possesses an important place in economics as it relates to the basic methodologies of economics that is the demand and the supply. However, price elasticity helps the company to highlight the change in the business market especially in regards of the change in price of products; the role of elasticity is to permits the economist to predict the other changes that might occur

  • Internationalisation In Malaysia Case Study

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    The internationalization of firm has been widely researched for over forty years (Werner, 2000). The factors that contribute to the internationalization of manufacturing SME’s in Malaysia are external factor, internal factor and technological factor. The external factor are the characteristics of home and host markets, as well as the policies of governments at home and abroad, are drivers of international engagement. These characteristics include gravity factors (geographical and cultural distance

  • H & M Marketing Strategy

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    Abstract Summary: H&M has been at the forefront of affordable chic for some time now. From its Swedish base, Hennes and Mauritz have grown into a major multinational clothes and cosmetics retailer. Just the place for fashionistas, it now has over 1500 outlets in 28 countries and a turnover in 2007 of over SEK92bn. H&M was one of the first to challenge the retail clothing sector by delivering fast fashion at low prices. The company offers different concepts for women, men, teenagers and children and

  • Three C's Of Strategic Marketing

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    1991, “although marketing has basically an strategic conception of the selling activity, we use to distinguish between strategic marketing and operational marketing, depending on long term or short term objectives. Strategic marketing starts in thoughts about current situation of the company and situational analysis and possible evolution of the markets and the environment, with the goal of detecting opportunities which can establish objectives” According to Jain, 1993, “Marketing strategy is mainly

  • Marketing Strategy Of IKEA

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    IKEA is a Swedish world leading company in the home furnishing business. IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad when he was 17 years old. IKEA refers to the acronym Ingvar Kamprad; the family farm Elmtaryd, and the name of his native village, Agunnaryd. In the beginning, the company was selling pens, small leather goods, frames, tablecloths and jewellery door-to-door. In 1945, she diversified into mail order catalogue sales. In 1947, the catalogue adds furniture to its assortment. In 1951, the

  • Unethical Marketing Case Study

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    Key issues and problem 1.1 Promotion issues in marketing Ethics have been around for ages become an important in our lives. Nowadays, every profession have it ‘s codes, marketers are no exception. Unethical marketing behaviour will lead company into legal troubles and dissemination of a bad reputation. Therefore, unethical marketing practices that we must always avoid when promoting our products or services to our customers. All Companies try to sell the products by telling the customers all about

  • FIFA Scandal Case Study

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    Lessons from the FIFA Scandal: Risk Exposure and Future Protections The global appetite for football has seen sponsors battling to be associated with the game, and consequently with Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). The deals with FIFA are usually lucrative and a profitable. However, with the scandals, a sponsor associating itself with FIFA is at a high risk of losing its reputation in the global market. FIFA’s recent corruption and bribery scandal has elicited debate on issues