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Introduction/Key Issues This memo provides my recommendations and supporting analysis for the issues facing Caesar IT Services. The questions I will address include: - What changes and actions does Caesar need to make in order to succeed in the industry and manage the problems with the employees? - Why was the integrated organizational routine of introducing body shopping and TimeValue projects under the same brand not successful? - Evaluate the different options regarding sales and the difficulty in selling the two products within the same portfolio. Recommendations Furthermore, in order to address the current issues faced by Caesar there are some changes that need to be made. The idea of launching a new product under the same brand name…show more content…
They could advertise the new TimeValue product differently and focus on other traits like “delivery on time and within the budget”. The body shopping deals are completely different than TimeValue project deals, as the mentality shifts from number of hours sold to delivery on time. When looking at customers’ opinions and doing an analysis (Exhibit 13 and 14), the most important attributes they focus on are price, time and budget, while delivery speed is not as vital. Taking this into consideration, Caesar can create different segments of consumers (market segmentation) that value different aspects. For example, targeting the “entrepreneurial” IT managers could be an innovative approach for Caesar as they showed strong interest in the ProjectValue…show more content…
Caesar was the first global company to use the TOC method (Exhibit 9). This method helped Caesar understand the reason behind projects’ delays and over budgeting. It also helped the company analyse the mismatch between the customer and provider. This innovative approach really helped Caesar realize that the disparity could be fixed with the TimeValue project, which Caesar didn’t take good advantage of. Organization structure Organizing the structure of the company would help resolve employees’ issues. Internal struggles started to arise with the launch of the TimeValue project because management couldn’t understand why people working on TimeValue projects were in higher leagues than those working on the body shopping business. Also, employees started to fight as each one had different goals and managers were feeling uncomfortable when making decisions on whom to pick. In addition, the sales process was another problem Caesar was facing. The body shopping sales process started with a customer request and the TimeValue projects with the interest of the customers. Employees had problems understanding the TimeValue projects and the different mentalities and requirements for

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