Tappoo Company Case Study

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INTRODUCTION The Tappoos Group was founded by my late father Mr.Tappoo Kanji on 23rd August 1941. Wonderful things have been happening since the opening of our Tappoo-City complex in the heart of Suva City. We are truly humbled by the overwhelming response we have received from people of all walks of life in regards to this iconic development. Sales management is a systematic process involving the formulation of sales strategy through development of account management policies, sales force compensation policies, sales revenue forecasts, and sales plan, implementation of sales strategy through selecting, training, motivating, and supporting the sales force, setting sales revenue targets, and sales force management through development and implementation of sales performance, monitoring, and evaluation methods, and analysis of associated behavioural patterns and costs associated in on organization. Sales management is the attainment of an organization's sales goals in an effective & efficient manner through planning, staffing, training, leading & controlling organizational resources. Tappoos is humbled and proud of the many milestones achieved. In all of them, there has been one constant: the human element. This was the foundation of our father’s greatest legacy: That people are our most important resource, and that for our people to do their…show more content…
It helps companies with the goal of improving business relationship with customer, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. Customer relationship management is designed to compile information of customers across different ways in which contact between the company and its potential customer. There are many ways how the company can stay in touch with the customers, for example through websites, telephones, direct mails, and through social

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