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  • Elements Of Integrated Marketing Communication

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    The Integrated Marketing Communications consists of several crucial steps as highlighted in the diagram above and some of it are explained further in detail. Positioning - The positioning of a particular brand means setting the brand in the minds if the customers in a certain way. This also involves taking decisions about selecting the media and also the message to be communicated to the consumers. These decisions are also somewhat dependent on targeting during the initial stages as the targeted

  • The Importance Of Account Management

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    and customer relation. Key account planning has deep roots in marketing planning (Mcdonald and Woodburn, 2007). Marketing planning is a logical sequence of events which leads to the setting of marketing objectives and formulation of plans to achieving them. The list of sequences are mission statement, corporate objectives, conduct marketing object, conduct SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, set marketing objectives and strategies and forecasts and budgets. Key account

  • Nike's Marketing Strategy

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    purchaser waste. This vision is intended to drive the procedures and imaginative and economical plans of action. Scherer (2015) demonstrates that the strategy of the brands tend to be innovative in conjunction with a business direction based on marketing activities geared to meet specific niche,

  • Cashew Marketing Strategy

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    Cashew was introduced in India in Goa, from where it spread to the other areas of the nation. However, commercial cultivation began around early 1960s and over years it attained a high economic value product. It gained an important status with respect to export-oriented commodity, bringing in considerable foreign exchange for India. Key points for the industry • Globally, India is a leading producer, processor and exporter of cashew • For 2013-14, India produced approximately 736,560 metric tons

  • Importance Of Personal Selling In Marketing

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    Personal Selling Marketing management also involves the ongoing activities of selecting, training, deploying, supervising, motivating, evaluating and controlling of sales representatives. Sales operations must be monitored to identify problem areas, and to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of sales representatives. Personal selling is one of the most important demand-stimuling forces in the promotional mix. A sensitivity to how buying vary, coupled with a knowledge of buying

  • Contemporary Trends In Social Media

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    Contemporary Trends in Social Media Based Marketing – Evidences From Corporate World. Introduction: There are various traditional ways of marketing, social media marketing an emerging and effective trend giving marketers a leading edge over other ways of marketing because of its cost effectiveness and reach to the target audience. Before understanding what social media marketing is, let’s understand the social media first. What is social media? Social media is a web operated tool or platform which

  • Mcdonald's Marketing Environment

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    Marketing environment analysis Political environment Political factors is refers to tax, tariff and government intervention which are designed to benefit government and citizen. The profitability of a business is shaped by political stability, rules and regulations and consumer’s spending power. There are many factors affect the political environment in Malaysia such as government policies, trading policies, government term and change. If political issues is disorder and unstable, this become the

  • Starbucks Marketing Strategy

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    afford the brand offerings. And there is the aspirational middle class climbing the up ladder to upper middle class population. Since our locations are close to the newly opened call centers where all working & well affordable consumers work, special marketing strategies will be used to gain their brand loyalty for Starbucks. The geographies of the target market are mainly consumers who live or work in the vicinity of the two proposed locations for the Starbucks Coffee

  • Social Exchange Theory Case Study

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    Question One. Part (A) Exchange theory in social marketing proposed that social behave is a result of and process of exchange. This process of exchange purposes maximizing benefits and lowering the costs down. According to exchange theory, people weight the benefits and risks of social-relationship. People will terminate the relationship if the risks outweigh the rewards. Social exchange theory is essentially concerned about taking benefits and lowering the cost to indicate if the relationship is

  • Parachute Marketing Strategy

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    • It was decided by the Company to leverage on the strong equity of the Parachute brand using appropriate extensions and accordingly the Company launched ‘Parachute Herbal’. • The Company saw to it the Total Quality Movement gained momentum within the company and as a result it now embraces virtually all the locations. • Presently, all the establishments of the company are network could the corporate office through the information technology. The movement for embracing information technology started