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Prescription Drug Advertisement Many people have been debating the prescription drug advertisement industry for years. Both side’s stating good arguments. This paper will be identifying the pros and cons of prescription drug advertisement. Prescription drug advertisements are weakening the relations between patients and their healthcare system by portraying to assist patients illness, but possibly giving them multiple bodily issues while taking the medication to solve one problem. Study’s how that: 80% of doctors surveyed in April 2013 through the DTC (direct to customer) showing that patients who are convinced that an advertised drug will solve their problems often mistrust a doctor’s advice if the doctor suggests an alternate solution. After being denied the requested drug, almost 50% of patients surveyed were disappointed with their doctors, 25% responded that they would try to convince the doctors to prescribe the desired medication or obtain the drug somewhere else, and 15% said they would change doctors. ( 1) This indicates that prescription drug advertisement can lead to patients not trusting the healthcare system or their doctors. On the other hand prescription drug advertisement could possibly be a good thing. Keeping patients up to date and educated about their healthcare products could consequently cause them to ask…show more content…
Another example would be the medication called Cymalta, which relieves chronic knee pain and is also a treatment for depression. The side effects include nauseas, insomnia, diarrhea and suicidal thoughts causes the patient to have more than one health issues that needs more treatment. Resulting patients losing trust in the health care system later forcing them to find different resources to get better medication to solve one medical issue without giving them multiple

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