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  • Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Media

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    homogenization. Technologies are so easy to replicate and anyone in the world can easily do so therefore it is extremely difficult living in a consistent technologically changing world, to continue to innovate and get ahead of your competitor as your marketing ideas and strategies can be easily copied. There can also be a list of risks associated with the use of new technology and social media platforms for businesses and they can be from wasting time and money and gaining to ROI, or your company could

  • Amul Marketing Strategy

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    Anand. It is formed as a dairy cooperative in India in 1946.It is a brand name oversaw by a summit cooperative association, Gujarat Co-agent Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is together claimed by nearly 2.8 million milk producers in Gujarat, India. Vision:-GCMMF will be an outstanding marketing organization with specialization in marketing of food and dairy products both fresh and long life with customer focus and IT integrated. The network would consist of over 100 offices, 7500

  • Lipton Marketing Strategy

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    IMC Plan It is made up of the 4 P’s: 1- Product 2- Price 3- Place 4- Promotion Product: It makes the customers feels fresh while drinking it. Also it has variety of flavors for all customers such as: Lemon, Mango, Red Fruits, Pear& Peach, Exotic Fruits, Diet Lemon, Diet Peach, etc… It is healthy and 100% natural and everyone can drink it. In addition, ice tea products are targeting all ages. While the most important thing is that Lipton offers fit customers and who are on healthy diet a low calorie

  • Three Objectives Of Customer Relationship Management

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    Technology has revolutionized how marketing is done today as opposed to a decade ago. While telephone calls, sales representatives go door to door, or direct mail is still being practiced today, one is more likely to be reached through social media, mobile or smartphones, and advertisement emails. Markets throughout the world are becoming increasingly competitive and with advancement in technology, plays pivotal role in giving companies an edge over other entrants in the industry. Time is of the

  • Lenovo Marketing History

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    Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies, mobile internet device and producing innovative PCs. A global fortune 500 company, Lenovo is the world’s largest PC vendor and third largest smartphone company. Lenovo is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic items like personal computer, mobile phones, tablet computers, workstation, servers and electronic storage. The Lenovo brand came into existence only in 2004, the company has a much longer history. The company was

  • Agricultural Marketing In Zanzibar

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    Background of the study Agricultural marketing is assessed in terms of input and output marketing. In put marketing entails seed and planting materials, fertilizers, agrochemical, animal feed, vertinary medicine, and other agricultural related inputs involves producers, exporters or importers, distributors and consumers. According Zanzibar Investment Policy in 2005 facilitated major structural and institutional changes with respect to investment promotion. The policy takes into consideration the

  • Examples Of Technology Commercialization Process

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    the technical aspects can be perfected without alterations to post- prototype products, contributing towards a smooth stages are vital. According to Akraine, in this phase, “The production department will establish plans to make the products. The marketing department will make plans to distribute the product. The finance section will provide the finance for bringing out the new

  • Political Marketing Planning Process

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    Political Marketing Planning Process (Baines A large number of political parties are now beginning to understand the requirement of a proper marketing concept in political and electoral planning and are constantly bringing in more and more marketing firms to assist them in running their political campaigns. Emergence of Political marketing: An efficient political marketing planning strategy was earlier believed to be just a communication process between voters and political firma and it neglected

  • Dairy Marketing Proposal

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    we look into the strategies, plans and marketing styles of the dairy products of different companies. So to make a framework for our research we categorically try to find the different strategies. First we look into the advertising styles of the Indian brands which are the leaders and capturing the market, then we move forward into the International brands which are amongst the best brands in the world and how they target the market and launch their marketing campaigns. 3.1 Dairy business worldwide

  • Relationship Marketing Case Study

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    1) Discuss how the innovation of relationship marketing practices by E-commerce entities (Internet) is changing the market place as we know it. Defined by Rouse (2010), relationship marketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication. As a result, customers provide information on their satisfaction and feedback to the organisation and