Mahatma Gandhi's Travel Writing

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Literature of this age was naturally influenced by thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and the lifestyle espoused by him. Its influ ence is seen more on the genres like 75 poetry and novels but a travel writer like Kakashae b Kalelkar who was deeply influenced by Gandhian philosophy, produced a remar kable volume of travel writing which has its important place in Indian Bhasha lite rature in general. The need and curiosity of visiting places within the country was intensified during this time. Gandhi appealed the writers to go amidst people, be part o f them and write thereafter rather than elitist writing done from sitting in one place . Travel writers also welcomed this appeal and thus kept realistic narration in focus. With the influence of Gandhi, writers…show more content…
Their greatness as writers in other forms helped them making their travel writing interesting unlike travelogues of earlier times which used to be merely collected not es of information. Kakasaheb Kalelkar is known as a vagabond. Kakasahe b was extremely fond of travelling. Vishnuprasad Trivedi says that Kakas aheb can be considered as an ‘Intellectual Vagabond’ or ‘Vagabond Aesthete’ (Bax i 132) because he has travelled in his teenage with great devotion, in his youth he travelled without any aim but he wandered with specific purposes with his growing ag e. Nature was the centre in his travels. These places were visited only for self pl easure but portrayal of human characters was the major concern in his purposeful journeys. His Himalayano Pravas is one of the best travelogues of all times in Guja rati literature. He has picturesquely portrayed the beauty of the Himalayas as a part of Nature and at times as a devotee of the natural world. He says, “ 5હમાલય – આય67 ું આ આ8ય9થાન, તપ9વીઓની આ તપો:િૂમ, ', યI5કJર7 ું વસિત9થાન છે. જગતના ં સવK Lુ :ખોને સમાવી લે એવડો તે િવશાળ છે;

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