Creative Writing: Working At Sacred Heart Nursing Home

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__ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ “WHERE ARE MY LOAFERS!” he said in a raspy voice. "Let me help you, Sir ; this shoe goes on your left foot and the other one goes on your right. Whenever you need even the littlest bit of assistance, just press down on the nurse call button; it’s next to your elbow. And of course, don't forget to say 'Help!' and i'll rush right over" After providing this instruction, I smiled at the man , even though I knew he could not see me. I was unknowingly being their eyes and ear. Working at Sacred Heart Nursing Home allowed me to showcase my strong interest in helping the elderly and taught me the meaning of a fulfilling life. In the middle of nowhere there lies a small convent; the trees surrounding it huddle together to protect it from the immense heat. When I enter my eyes are immediately drawn to the jaggedly arranged plain off white tiles and the sheetrock materialed walls . A little O shaped carve out in the hallway reveals additional views of the visitors area and chapel. A Polished stone monument of Jesus Christ hangs exactly eye level from the ground. I pay attention to these little details . Inside the convent are Polish Nuns, they briskly walk up and down the halls like a group of santa's helpers, but…show more content…
I start putting dark black dashes on the oversized white board , No Matter how loud and clear my voice is , Father John -- another regular player -- often interrupts by shouting back at me, "What letters where guessed already, I can't see?" or responding to my call of "B!" with "Z?" Annoyed by his constant questioning, other players automatically start shouting at him, "It's B! As in Boy or Benjamin " irritated comments such as "You Old Blind Man," would then fly about the room, causing me to start calling out letters with their phonetic alphabet counterparts to avoid further

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