Jack Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

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“It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way achta write it” stated Jack Kerouac, an influential novelist during the mid-1900s. Although a controversial person, his words are significant when thinking about the writing style that an author uses. One could write about any single topic in the world, but the way that they write it and set it up is how they sell it. Even in modern literature of the twenty-first century, the style of what is written is completely critical to what the reader gets a universal understanding to. Mindy Kaling and her novel Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is an excellent example of trying to achieve just that. This fashionable, quirky television writer and actress has no shame in hiding any embarrassing stories from her…show more content…
Kaling often uses stories from her childhood, especially in the first part of the book called “I Forget Nothing: A Sensitive Kid Looks Back” (Kaling 9). By pulling in the trustworthy power of nostalgia, readers are brought back to their own experiences from their childhood memories. This also strongly connects the author and the reader, each person somehow seeing themselves as Kaling in certain situations. Childhood is so easily misted and hazy, but she truly brings the reader back to their time of innocence. Additionally, Kaling expertly uses personal stories to teach life lessons. All throughout her exciting lifetime, there are always life lessons. In one specific chapter, Kaling strongly and wisely states “One friend with whom you have a lot in common is better than three with whom you struggle to find things to talk about” (Kaling 43). With this helpful incite about early friendships, the younger audience can learn from a successful young woman about stuff they may be going through at that time in their life. However, later in the novel, Kaling leans toward her slightly older audience by explaining dating, stating “Don’t you need to know some more about a guy than an evening’s worth of conversation at a bar to make sex appealing?” (Kaling 153). This can be seen as how all life experiences can be turned into overall well-known lessons for many years to come. There is always an upbeat or ironic way that situations can be turned into for future reference for many people. Finally, Kaling is known for her humor, so there is no surprise that most of the stories that she shares are just for a funny, witty experience. One of the stories that the author shares is about her personal time as a babysitter, where she states “Bribes and boy bands. That’s all you need to be a babysitter” (Kaling 69). This gives the reader a content

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