Creative Writing: My First Night In The Army

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I signed up for the army when I was 17, I look at least 19 so the whole pretending I'm older thing was a breeze. When I thought of war I thought of glory. Red banners flying high in the sky, girls cheering. The men would drink around the campfire at night and we would have our choice of whichever female we wanted. We were heroes after all. I had no idea how wrong I was. My first night in the army, shivering as the cold enveloped us. No fires were to be lit..... the Nazis were out there somewhere. When daylight came we were given the order to attack. It was far from the glorious victory I had dreamed about, where the enemy would fall in your path, silently without making a stand for themselves. No. The air was filled with smoke and fire. People were screaming in agony as bullets tore through…show more content…
every single detail. The blood streaming out of his body onto the canvas, exasperation painted all over his body that he was taken from this cruel world too soon. Far too soon. Words simply cannot describe the pain I feel. This is a burden I know I can never escape from. Tears flow down my body like a waterfall. The figures enter my room, pick me up and drag my feet across the floor. I yell as loud as I can. I screamed helplessly for all of those who did not have the chance to. The scream is for everyone who no longer has a voice and all the people trapped in this inhumane and painful world. The figures around me keep increasing, surrounding my body. Voices in my head gradually increase in volume up until it is the only thing I can hear. Each voice becomes louder than the last as I feel a war initiating within my mind. The figures that previously enveloped my body begin to disappear until they are eventually replaced by my body lying beside the boy’s. The voices now all repeat the same thing as my greatest fear becomes a reality. The boy gives me a cold look as he tells me “This is all your

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