Creative Writing: Your Sister Is Gone: Dead

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Your sister is gone. Dead. Thrown from the car… accident. Dead. These were the words that plagued my mind as I walked on the concrete city sidewalk. They rattled the inside of my skull, throwing themselves onto bone time and time again like fish trying to tear themselves out of fishing nets. It had been a year yet they still haunted me. Each time one surfaced, it sent a new jolt of grievous pain through me, causing my hands to tremble slightly and my mind to grasp pictures I dreaded seeing. Dead. Accident. Gone. A harsh wind blew through my coat, sending icy chills straight towards my scrawny limbs. I shivered, clutching my jacket tighter around as more snow raged down from the bleak Boston sky. I shifted my backpack across my shoulder,…show more content…
Her reassuring smile and her wise words are forever engraved in my head I remember the tinkling sound of her laugh- reminiscent of the wind chimes that my mother used to hang around the house in summer- that was heard so often floating around the house. And her voice; her wonderful, amazing voice. A voice that was dappled with sunshine, and sprinkled with stars. A voice that no one could outshine, not even the angels. Its okay, little brother. I shook my head, trying to clear the memories. I was getting nowhere. The bitter cold stung my nose, and bit at my cheeks making them red with irritation. I searched the road for a street sign that I knew would be covered in snow. I still didn’t know the way home despite the fact that we had been here for the better part of six months. I didn’t know the way home, the city, anything anymore. Out of the corner of my left eye, A white truck appeared from nowhere, blending in with the white snow. It barreled around a corner, coming straight down the street I was walking beside. It was streaked with dirt, and immediately I recognized it. Fear coursed through my chest. Don't be afraid, little…show more content…
Forgive. The word echoed inside me, ricocheting off the bones in my body. Forgive. It brought with it the great times of happiness, joy and love instead of the terrors of the past,. It brought a glimpse of her, the sound of her voice, her kindness. I sobbed with relief, smiling, really smiling. Forgive. Yet there were still two problems to face and I knew what I had to do. I can do this, Sophia. The clock ticked and minutes flew by as I slowly walked towards the house where I knew they would be. I saw it ahead, garage door open, music blaring inside. The laughs and shouts of the teenagers inside did not send me bolting for once. Instead, they reassured me. Don't back down. I walked straight up to them, pushing past dancing bodies as I went. I was looking for him. Breathe. He was towards the back of the garage, chatting with a few of his buddies. All at once the music stopped as his friend gestured my way. He turned, his face the same as the driver of the white truck. "Hello, loser," he sneered, "Whad'ya doing here?" Okay. I forced my chin up, trying to gain the confidence I needed. I looked him square in the eye. "I just wanted you to know that you can no longer hurt

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