Creative Writing: Don T Go Back To School

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As Melanie (Mel) and her friends walked down the street, getting farther and farther away from school, Mel was beginning to be worried. “Ummmm don’t you guys think we should go back to school now?” she asked. She knew that all of her best friends were nagging to do something bad. Her friend John stated, “ No, we are just gonna sneak off to the mall for a sec.” Her friends kept walking, but Mel knew there would be potential consequences. “Well, I guess we can go to the mall as long as we come back to school!” Mel sputtered. All of Melanie’s friends were happy that she was going to the mall with them during school hours. “Alright Mel, you’re doing great girl!”As the group of friends walked down the street, Melanie had…show more content…
“I know this isn’t right.You want to be cool don’t you. This is definitely going to get on my permanent record.I have to go with my friends. Not if that means trouble.Well, it means being really popular.Popularity isn’t the best necessity. Well,does that even matter anymore. Yes, it really does. You have to go back to school. No, I can’t. I will be considered an outcast. And that would suck because you need to keep a popular status.” Mel spoke to herself all of the way to shellville mall. It was a great conversation though, she lost. As all of the friends sit at the local Buffalo Wild Wings, a friend named Cindy states, “See Mel , I told you that we wouldn’t get caught her in this Mall, there are never any police or any security guards.” As all of her friends chatted Melanie began to become even more comfortable with being a big rebel. Mel and her friends are having a great time and all of the sudden a policeman walks up to them and speaks into a small walkie-talkie. “We have a 10-15 in the Shellville Mall. A group of teenagers are skipping school.” You’re coming with me kids, now!” “We didn’t know that

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