Write-Rinse: Improving My Writing Skills

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Write -- Rinse -- Revise Paper number one has been written, rewritten, dissected, tested, regurgitated, mopped up, rinsed, revised and rewritten – again. I honestly arrived to English-112E entirely clueless with respect to the review process of completing a college writing assignment. I am subsequently no longer clueless; therefore, upon having my paper graded and returned, I will now begin to polish the positive aspects of my writing skills, as well as evaluate and improve upon the aspects of those skills in need of an upgrade. Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing professor who just happens to be impressively passionate about writing and English as a study. As such, I find myself with not only her expansive knowledge as a wellspring of riches, but also with a menu of resources as long as my forearm to consult for amelioration tips and constructive advice. This banquet not only encompasses resources as modern and up to date as online websites, but also does not fail to include the more familiar standbys of publications and even other human beings. Access to electricity, an internet connection, and a computer, the trifecta necessary to enter the online mecca of information, avails…show more content…
By logging on to www.paperrater.com, I am able to paste my completed document into the mouth of its processor and then remain seated as the mastication evolves. Once Paperrater has thoroughly digested my work, the program delivers its culinary critique directly to the right of my document. In last week’s headlines, Paperrater was happy to inform me of the overuse of commas in my document, and also reported that I apparently am an extremely asystolic sentence starter. In addition to Paperrater , COTC offers an online service called etutoring. These electronic “helpers” will be of great service to my growing process; however, they are not the only resources at my

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