Creative Writing: Port Maitland

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Port Maitland… That’s the beach in Nova Scotia where the old wharf is. If you go when the tide is low, there it sits, just behind a bush of tall, yellow-green grass. At first sight, you would think it had no business being there. How had it no rot away? What happens when the tide comes in? But, nevertheless, there it sits… Built from planks of once rich brown cedar, now it’s silvered and faded like the bark of a birch tree. Six by six, planks are lashed together with fraying rope and rusted rivets, barely holding together. Over time, the wood has knotted and warped, part of it twisted round’ like tendrils of vines, now encrusted in mollusks and barnacles. Black, scorched patches dot the wood's surface, where people have tried to burn it or

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