Creative Writing: Dust In The Wind

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Dust in the wind I never liked the sun. The giant fiery ball was nothing but a reminder of the grim end that was closing in on us. At least an end to our way of living. Governments all over the planet were completely focused on finding new ways to conserve human and animal lives. Bunkers were being built, trips to Mars arranged, and research on nearby planets and solar systems’ hospitability had never been more intense. “Yet here I am, just waiting for time to pass.” I said out loud, staring up at the ceiling. I rose up from my bed, and put on a pair of old pants that I hadn’t washed in a month. The staircase heading down to the living room had never felt longer, as I slowly made my way down to get some breakfast. The kitchen was right next to the living room, with nothing but a refrigerator, a microwave and a few dusty old shelves I never used.…show more content…
Yesterday’s pizza was waiting in the fridge, and I quickly stuffed a couple of slices into the microwave. I collapsed in my favorite chair, still exhausted by the news I had received just the day before, when Jenna called. “Ding” said the microwave, signaling for me to retrieve the pizza. I put on a shirt and grabbed a slice of pizza, before heading out the door. Outside the winds were violently flinging dust through the air. I opened the door to my car, taking a moment to think, before starting the motor and driving off downtown. The yellow summer trees were shaking from the wind’s overwhelming power, flinging their leaves onto the rooftops of the city’s buildings. Whenever a leaf briefly landed on my car’s window, I’d let out a small sigh, as I continued to witness our once beautiful world

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