Creative Writing: Plumbum Lead

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Hi, I’m Lead but all my scientist friends call me Pb for short. Since I have been known since ancient times, I have no known discoverer. I got my nickname from my Latin name, Plumbum. I got my real name from the Anglo-Saxon word for metal, “Lead”. However, The Romans called me “plumbum nigrum” meaning “black lead” due to the fact that what they called “white lead” is now my friend Tin. My physical appearance is a metallic blueish gray and I come in a solid state with a density of 11.342 grams per cubic centimeter. I am also malleable and resistant to corrosion. You can find me next to Thallium and under Tin on the periodic table. Furthermore, you can find my atomic number of 82 and atomic mass of 207.2 there as well! My melting point is

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