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I remember it like it was yesterday. Arriving at the field a little later than everybody else, I had no choice but to join the back of the crowds. It was stark cold freezing. The sky had a dark mist to it and the great greens below felt surprisingly sumptuous. There wasn’t a person in sight who didn’t have their fleece jacket and woolly scarf on. The majority of the people were families and the odd crowd of rebel teens. Shouting beyond comfort, a man who appeared undeniably drunk, was being very disruptive. His foul demeanour eventually lead to him being escorted out. I was relieved. You could see the solace painted on everybody else too. Fortunately things seemed to have gotten back into full flow and the anticipation had only increased. There was an appeasing stench in the air, my strong sense of smell lead me to a barbecue! It was exactly what I needed, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that I wasn’t the only one either. The barbecue had everybody captivated. Soon afterwards, the announcement that the fireworks display was about to begin was made. Everybody scurried to the…show more content…
All eyes were up, everyone cheered in sumptuous joy. The second set whirled in spirals before exploding astonishingly to the great enjoyment of the spectators. The third set followed; the fireworks gracefully rose to the sky before tumbling down like a fleet of feathers. The spectacle was truly mesmerising. Everybody was having a great time, smiles stretched through the crowd. The final set before the finale erupted explosively into the sky. There was a momentary pause before anything happened, at this point the firework usually dazzled. You could see the muddled expressions on each other’s faces. Bang! The firework twinkled into a glittering silver shower. Immense cheers of surprise and glee flared up from the crowd. It was definitely what you would call a pleasant

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