Creative Writing: Damsel With A Metal

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Damsel with a Metal Leg Laying down on my back flat with the sun's heat radiating of the intense asphalt feeling numb from my toes to my head as the adrenaline rushed through my immobilized body trying to comprehend what had just happened with blurred figures running toward my direction that is when my life changed…… My story begins on a hot afternoon day on 2 Feb. 2013; I began this day's journey on 43rd Avenue and Bell road riding my bicycle to 75th Avenue and bell stopping at any local businesses applying for employment opportunities. Thinking while riding my bike feeling like I’m getting nowhere with filling out applications, as it being around the tenth time of attempting to locate employment.…show more content…
I had turned on my pocket-sized crimson MP3 player, switching through songs, deciphering what to play I chose a song as I placed my earbuds in my ears and I was on my way. As I approached 75th Avenue and Bell the east and west bound traffic stood still as I proceeded to cross the intersection south assuming the crosswalk indicators were broken. I was unprepared for what was about to occur. I began to cross the intersection as I noticed the first few lanes of traffic acknowledged I was crossing without realizing the left turn lanes had received a green arrow to turn. As I approached their lane I noticed the nose of the car peeking past the second white line on the asphalt I knew I needed to be quick before they progressed any further and safely get to the center median. Immediately fear consumed my body, realizing I was a few seconds too late to unknowingly the car proceeded with the turn while the driver and passenger were consumed by their phones, I was suddenly struck by distracted driver before I could think I was laying on my back with the intense heat from the asphalt not even phasing my body from the adrenaline flowing through my limbs as I watch my newly purchased 20 Oz bottle of…show more content…
As I attempted to stand the driver from the vehicle and local by standards rush to my aid and advised me to lay back down and all I wanted to do was apologize to the woman in the car. I was then told that EMT’s were called and responding to my care as I laid on the asphalt I start to breath deeply and try to take in what had just happened while the people around me gather my things together. With the lady from the car that hit me was near by I received her attention an began to speak to her “I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention” I told her “it’s ok don’t be sorry it was my fault for not paying attention as well” she said. As a short time passed the ambulance had arrived as by that time the hot asphalt became apparent to my body and my adrenaline began to fade. The EMT’s placed my head in an C-collar and my left leg in a immobilization brace as they slowly lifted and placed me on the stretcher and placed me in the back of the ambulance it was confirmed that my left leg was indeed broken as my foot had begun to swell in the ambulance. At the hospital, the doctors and nurses took and processed x-rays and transferred me beds it was unimaginable of all the hours of

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